Happy New Year!

I know I’ve been MIA but the Holidays are about enjoying that company, the food, the fun and happiness of the season, right? And that’s just what I did, but just like that 2018 is here!!

I feel like I’ve been busier than ever, Makenzie has became even busier this last month, oh boy, we need to watch out! Haha. That little girl is such a daredevil, she sure keeps me on my toes. It’s so very sweet watching the two of them play together though and that sister bond is so adorable.

New year, new you. My mantra starting today was, “Be stronger than your excuses” Take the time this week to focus on a goal for the next couple months and stick to it. Need help with your goal, send me an email, I’d love to support you. melodiemariealexander@gmail.com

Stay tuned for much more to come this month!!

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