Marathon/New Challenges/Intermittent Fasting

The marathon is approaching. Race day is June 22! A week from today, I am excited, a little nervous but mostly excited! My training has gone really good. I ran 13 miles on Thursday and I totally had complete control over my pace and the last two miles I was able to really pick up my pace.

If anyone wants to follow along you can download the Grandma’s Marathon app and type in my name or my bib number, which is 1500.

So now that I’m finishing up with this goal. I don’t intend to do any full marathons next year but I’ll do a half marathon for sure and continue running on Sundays through the summer but I’m debating if I should add in some trail running too? I’m also thinking about adding in cross fit. Any suggestions? Ideas?!

I fasted 24 hours (6PM Thursday until 6 PM Friday) where I only consumed: water, ketones and happy coffee. My mental clarity was through the roof, I was still able to pump extra milk all while feeding Tucker every three hours. I wasn’t worried about what my next meal was going to be, I was able to focus on my to do list. I broke my fast with my normal first meal; a shake with whey protein, fruits and greens, cashew milk, water, ice and blended! Followed by a turkey sandwich with cheese. Then I had some pork rinds and guacamole and a beer! Because it was Friday and it sounded good! Result: down 2 pounds! I mostly fast 16:8, and 18:6. Fasting has really made me difference in the way I eat my calories. It’s not so stressful aligning all your macros. I enjoy food much more when I have it in only a short window and also when you have three kids, it’s been amazing not to “stress” about what I’m eating! If you’re interested in implementing fasting in, send me a message, I’d love to help!

Have a great weekend, everyone!

Birthday//Reflections//Marathon Goals

Thank you to everybody who took the time out of their day to wish me a Happy Birthday, I had the best birthday spent with Travis. We got to Nashville shortly before the clock struck midnight! We listened to music on Broadway and just hung out.

My Littles sang me happy birthday via FaceTime. Nashville was absolutely amazing, so much fun! The break was needed for all of us and we were so excited to get back home and see them! They had a great time at their auntie(my sister) and uncles! I literally am so grateful for this life and I always say, “you are only as old as you feel” and I know 30 isn’t that old, I still don’t feel 30, I still feel like I am 22! 😂

A good reflection on life is you only live once. Take those moments, take the chances, you may never get the moments or the chances back to take.

June is approaching, already almost SIX months into the year! New moments, new goals to focus on. Marathon is approaching. Only 36 days away. I ran a great paced (for me) twelve miles on Mother’s Day. Running makes me feel so great and just gives me a lot of time to think(which sometimes scares Travis, I think! 🤣) This week is 14 miles!

My meal plan varies a bit for the marathon because of training runs but I’m still focused on weight/fat loss as I have about 10 pounds to lose to my “goal” race weight.

Looking for guidance? Message me with any questions, I’d love to help 😊

Happy Friday!

12 weeks post partum//Struggles//Reflection/Success//Cheers to 30 years//&More

My 12 week journey post baby has been overall a great reflection, a few bumps, lots of happy moments, frustrations, and more.

In 12 weeks I’ve used my journal, my supplements, my goals I want to achieve, my husband(trainer 🤪) all as motivation to keep me on track.

I’ve realized no journey is perfect, I am very far from perfect but I’m doing my best to be what I want to be! I bought myself a coffee cup as soon as I saw it because it hits a lot of feels in my life. “Don’t let anyone ever dull your sparkle!” And I’ve lived by that quote after making changes in life for the better!

Body and mind go hand in hand. I don’t deprive myself, trust me. Do I choose not to eat after 6, 7 or 8pm daily? Yes. Do I choose to wake up early three days a week to get in a workout before my kids wake up. Yes. Does it make me a better mom? Yes. So, I’m winning. Do I take 2-3 rest days a week either doing no workout or 20 minutes of yoga? Yes. That in itself has made me so much more appreciative of what your body is capable of doing! I have been told I’m crazy for running a marathon 5 months post baby, but I’m training for it, I will be ready and I listen to my body. I ran 10 miles last week very effortlessly and woke up with no soreness!

Another reflection, at the end of the day, it’s our choice, whether we want to lose weight, gain muscle, fit in those favorite pants, sleep better. You can get guidance from people, but at the end of the day, you are in control of your success. No one makes you eat the extra food, or miss your workout, or stay on your phone or watch tv too late in the evening. Make the right choices to ensure you have success!

Two days away from my 30th birthday and I’m feeling fabulous! I’m at pre baby weight, but besides that, I feel absolutely amazing in my skin! Confidence doesn’t always come from the number on the scale, it takes work and time to get to where you want and the way I look at it, is I still have a long journey left and I’m excited to see what else my body is capable of! I’m just happy with my 12 week post partum results!

Down 36 pounds

Inches: down 10 inches total

February 4, 2019 to May 4, 2019

Bring it on, 30!

Happy and healthy!

As always, keep shooting for your goals! If you need any guidance, don’t hesitate to reach out!

Jenga Moments//Particular Kids//Goals & More

My daily text on Tuesday said, “errands, meal prep, Netflix. Life=lots of moving parts, Melodie—but you can keep it from toppling. Today, try a Jenga day.

Tuesday was a series of Jenga moments.

Kenzie demanded the same socks she wore Monday so that turned into me making a mental note that I need to go to Target and get her the same pack of socks because for some reason most of the socks she likes are MIA! But they didn’t have the same ones so I got something similar and guess what? “I don’t like them!” 🤦🏼‍♀️

We got to leave a little later because Mallorie had kindergarten screening but when we showed up, they said, “that’s next week..” Oops! Mallorie looked at me and said, “mom are you ok?”

“Yes, Mallie, I’m ok, just can’t believe I got the date wrong!”

She cutely says, “you have to admit though mom, it is kind of funny!” And she made me smile, because yes, it is funny and it’s better than being a week late!

I’ve been feeling really great lately with my nutrition, running and I stepped up my workouts last week on Wednesdays and Fridays, doing two workouts, one cardio HIIT workout and then weights at the Y. Travis has tried to get me in for a training session one of the days and that’s worked out so that’s been nice too! Last week my legs were sore for like three days. Love those types of workouts!

The rest of the week has been good! We had a couple nice days and we got to enjoy some outside time.

I’ve been intermittent fasting between 12-18 hours. My milk supply is even more plentiful and I’m pumping about 10 extra ounces a day! I’m basically eating all my calories between 10:30-11am to 6 or 7pm!

Tucker is doing well! And the girls are both doing well. We have our weekly routine and shake up the weekends! Overall, being a family of 5 plus two beagles and a turtle has been very busy and it keeps us on our toes!

Yesterday, neither Makenzie or Tucker would fall asleep so I loaded them up in the car and within 5 minutes both of them were out, just what I needed after all the crying and whining 😂 so I enjoyed myself a can of unicorn slam while aimlessly driving around!

I’m approaching my 12 week mark of my postpartum journey! I’m excited to share more results with you.

Need some encouragement, let me guide you! Message me on social media or send me an email

Have a fabulous Friday!

Mental Clarity/Parenting/Spring Cleaning/April Goals/Dog Video

Never have I been okay with not working out every day when I was able to. Of course after I had the kids, I didn’t workout until I was cleared. But my focus was always you need to burn this amount of calories or else. Now, I plan my weeks. I focus on what I can control but don’t stress out like I used to and I have noticed big differences in my mental state for the better. My goal is four days a week now, Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Sunday and Saturday is my bonus day depending on what we’re doing that weekend. I used to stress so much and realized I over worked my body. Rest days are just as important as workout days. Things I can control; proper nutrition and that’s my focus on my off days.

Parenting has probably been my biggest challenge mentally and I know it’s always going to be. I try so hard to get the girls set the night before to get Mallorie to school but we still manage to take an hour to get out of the house. 😂 Makenzie honestly does not care if I say anything a million and one times, she changes her mind on dresses at least 3 times, socks are a daily struggle and her shoe options are too. Sometimes she even lays in the bed snuggled up and says, “ I can’t go, I’m too tired” yes, she’s cute but “we go to go!” And I know in time this will pass!

I don’t struggle with Mallorie on getting ready, she’s really great. She is just so sweet when she can tell I’m bothered by something.

I’ve been purging, throwing stuff out, giving stuff away and just organizing. Spring cleaning in full force here, I wouldn’t mind having a nice spring but let’s be honest, there’s snow in the forecast! 🤣

Goals wise, I’m plugging along with my fitness goals. I lost 6 pounds in March and 4 inches. I shared my month pictures below! Goals for April include about 8 pounds, more inches, of course! I have a “look goal” for my 30th Birthday, which is May 9! Stay tuned! 😉

Still doing two packs of ketones daily, I’m totally amazed at how those are shaping my mid section. I’m also doing the happy coffee daily and that has made a difference too, along with mostly clean eating, with the moderation approach.

Also, if you didn’t see my video, a dog jumped on my back when I was on the final hill of my run, I was about to share some motivational words, I think! 😂 I’m lucky it was a chocolate lab and not a wild animal! Click here for the video!

I’m eager to continue helping people reach goals. Accountability is a wonderful thing! We all start somewhere, right?

Happy Wednesday, friends!

March 4-April 4


It’s a new month and what better way to kick off hopefully warmer weather than joining the thousands of people and reset your metabolism by doing the Keto Reboot!

The Keto Reboot is a 60 hour system that clears out the mess, removes your bloat, resets that fat burning metabolism & leaves you feeling fabulous. Last month, one of my participants lost 6.5 inches off his waist, 2 inches off his hips and 7 pounds, another participant lost 3 inches off his waist, 2 inches off his hips and 8.5 pounds, and another lost 3 pounds!

More benefits include:
*Controls Cravings
*Protects Lean Muscle Mass
*Maximize Energy
*Stay Accountable

The results are amazing, I’ve posted some result photos below for you to take a look at! And it’s not just about the results, it’s about the detoxing of your body, and the mental benefits are amazing as well.

THE REBOOT IS ON SALE NOW but sells out quick so if you’re ready to do it in this next round, LET ME KNOW or click the here to order! As always, any questions, send me an email at or message me on Facebook or Instagram.

THE REBOOT IS ON SALE NOW but sells out quick so if you’re ready to do it in this next round, LET ME KNOW or click the here to order! As always, any questions, send me an email at or message me on Facebook or Instagram.


It’s important for us to do the things that make your mental and physical health align. I’m speaking from my own experiences and I’m not by any means saying this is true for everyone.

It’s crucial for me to take time for myself but also making sure I’m doing the proper thing when I do take that time. I’m guilty of doing all the things, that sometimes don’t give me that “time for yourself feel” and clear mindset I need.

One of them for me is, cleaning. I don’t dislike cleaning, I actually do enjoy cleaning but I’ve quickly realized with three kids and especially in the newborn breastfeeding stage(not complaining because breastfeeding comes so natural and easy to me and I love every second) it has to be done so often with the way we like it clean so we decided to have someone come in and do cleaning once a week until it’s completely caught up deeply cleaned and then maintain it at every other week, and of course I’ll fill in the cracks! Like I said, I don’t mind doing it but for how long it takes I have so much more I can focus on: the kids, adventures, my stay at home work gigs, workouts, cooking, baking, laundry, the list goes on.

Also something we have noticed lately is that when just one of us is around, Mallorie and Makenzie act great but when we’re both around and talking, they’re much more wild. And no we’re not just sitting on our phones, we’re engaging in conversation together and with them but they’re just whining and demanding attention, most of the time for nothing, anyone else have kiddos that do this? It’s not always. But Wednesday night, they were doing it so I brought Tucker upstairs and it was like they instantly stopped and were hanging out, playing and talking to Travis normal. Who knows 😂 This too shall pass. And actually coming back to this today and updating from last night we had a family dinner(steaks on the grill with asparagus, yummy!!) and the girls were well behaved and very obedient all evening, maybe it’s the routine?

Also, Sunday’s have been a great day for me to run and get in my mindset for our week ahead. I ran six miles at a 9:40 pace last Sunday pretty effortlessly so that’s exciting. Right now, my focus is mileage, consistent workouts and then the faster runs will come.

I hope you all are having a great end to March. April is approaching already!!! I can’t even believe it. The fourth month of the year is here just like that! Looking forward to crushing more goals. How about you?

Choices//You can do it//

Choices. Life is full of them. Everyday you make choices. Tuesday, for some reason I was in a funk. I can’t explain it, I just was. I had a normal day but I was just not feeling 100%. Things seem to be going completely wrong with everything. I just couldn’t focus completely on things I wanted to do so I just took a step back and chilled on the couch and focused on the moment. I was so exhausted. I chose to not stress after I got over the fact that I just couldn’t deal!

So, I fell asleep shortly after Tucker went down which was just around 9:45 and the next thing I knew I woke up at 4 and he was still sleeping so I went back to sleep. I got pretty much a full 8 hours of sleep(which was amazing!)Yesterday morning went pretty well, Makenzie is a challenge most mornings and I just embrace that now. It’s her, she’s going to work through her drama and I’ll guide her along the way.

Yesterday, was workout day. I had my eyelashes filled in morning after I dropped the girls off at preschool/daycare and Tucker spent some time with his “Gam” (Travis’ mom)

When I got back he was sleeping so I put workout shoes on and already had workout clothes on from this morning and got my workout done, showered and ready to go for the day and he was such a good boy and slept the whole time. As I was doing my workout there were things that I assumed in my head that I couldn’t do; certain moves including a one handed burpee, so then I was like just try it! And what do you know?? I DID IT! In that moment, I reminded myself and thought of this for others, we’re so guilty of saying we CAN’T and we haven’t even tried it. Today, I challenge you to try something you haven’t! Whether it’s a workout move, a new food or taking time to do something for yourself.

My mantra for the rest of March, you do not know unless you try!!

My personal 10 Day Keto Experience

For the past 10 days I did 2 Keto packets a day and I’m here to share my results. I lost 3 1/4 inches and 4 pounds. I ate my normal, mostly clean diet and I’ve posted picture results below. What have you got to lose?

A lot of people get conflicted when thinking about trying ketones because they think they have to be on the Keto diet. That is not the case, I am not strict Keto, I love myself a good beer and pizza every once in a while. Balance is key. (So excited for the release of O’beron (beer) on March 25, anyone else love O’beron?!)

Also, I’m still able to feed Tucker, and pump an extra 5-6oz per day!

Anyways, interested in trying a 10 day experience? Message me!!