Halloween Temptations//Cleansing//Challenge//Tucker is 9 Months old//

Halloween is always my weakness because I LOVE Reese’s peanut butter cups and three musketeers! I decided to “allow” myself to have one a day through last week to see if it would make me honestly only have one because I’m usually guilty of having 4 or more a day 😳 once the girls go trick or treating! Finding things that make you more successful vs binge eating or making the wrong choices is always my goal.

So it is Sunday as I write some of this and I’ve had one like four times this week.

I didn’t have any yesterday(Sunday) so I decided to kick off this week with a cleanse. Modified because I’m still breastfeeding. Why Halloween week? Because I like to challenge myself. As always if anyone is interested in doing a cleanse, let me know, always have products to ship, pick up or drop off. The website to order products directly from is going to be live by Friday! That’s the fun thing about what I get to do. I not only get to help, guide and motivate people, I also get to design things because that’s what I went to school for too. I thoroughly ENJOY what I get to do!

Yesterday Travis and I worked out together and it’s funny because I thought I was really pushing myself with weights and with him I used weights I haven’t tried when I’m working out by myself. I was thoroughly impressed that I was able to do the weights I did and also I was excited to sleep last night because I was so tired from the workout. 🤪 I generally run on Sundays but we had family in town for the weekend so it was nice to be able to get the workout in with Travis while the kiddos were in tot watch. I slept from 9:30-7! Felt so good and now I’m ready to conquer Monday!

So, my challenge to you is, limit the sweets this week. I said limit not none at all! If you want to join me in that challenge, let’s do it! With the cleanse this week I’m going to let my liver take the potentially harmful chemicals and turn them into water soluble chemicals that can be sweated or excreted from the body. I’ve taken my measurements this morning and a before picture and on Friday morning I will let you all know my results in 4 days. I’m challenging myself to NO HALLOWEEN CANDY in these four days and maybe after even because a lot of times once you rid yourself of those harmful sugars, you don’t want them anymore and to be honest after having some last week, I’m ok with not having any this week, for now. There’s always the challenge when the candy is in front of you.

As always, thanks for following along. Fun fact, Tucker is 9 months old today, here we are 9 months in and here we are 9 months out!

As always, thanks for following along!

Chaotic Morning//Workout//Regaining Focus//Soup Recipe//

Today began with a whole lot of chaos, I was trying to get my printer to print a couple pages I needed this morning. It wasn’t cooperating, I couldn’t figure out how to print from my phone since my computer kept saying “printer not responding” all while that was happening, my computer then died and I couldn’t find my charger. Finally found it after about 10 minutes of looking and also realized I was connected to the wrong printer so I got the pages I needed. 🤦🏼‍♀️😂

I became stressed and frantic. I kept telling myself to breath but my mind kept going to the negative. While all this was going on, Tucker was getting tired because he woke up at 6:30 today ready to play so then by 8 he wanted a nap so he was getting cranky. Makenzie was nagging at me about what she was wearing and she always wants a specific dress but then ends up wearing what we originally picked the night before.

Mallorie needs no help in the morning getting dressed, brushing hair, teeth and getting her back pack set. It seriously has made a huge difference with our time schedule and I’m completely grateful for that but it’s also bittersweet because she is growing up so fast.

Mallorie got on the bus, before we went to the Y for my workout I had to stop at the eye doctor to pick up a contact because I’m having issues with the brand of contacts I’m wearing in my left eye. I couldn’t find my car keys but I knew I had them because the car was started so I was searching in every bag only to find them about 5 minutes later on the seat.

We got to the Y, and after I dropped Makenzie and Tucker in tot watch, I immediately went to the stair climber and busted out 10 minutes of complete cardio to sweat, get my heart rate up and just breath.

I then went into workout, which I’m going to share with you

Round 1:

Kettlebell squats with a press

Medicine Ball walking lunges (push medicine ball up and when you do each lunge)

ladder push ups or regular push ups

Repeat the round 3 times total, going from

14, 12, 10 reps

Round 2:

Squats with a bar, plate or body weight

Kettlebell step through lunges

Kettlebell shoulder press

Repeat the round 3 times total, going from

14, 12, 10 reps

I finished with a 15 minute stair climber workout with someone on the FitRadio App

The perfect workout to get my mind set out of the gutter and onto positive thinking. For me, it’s not always about how much weight or how hard I push myself, for me some days it’s because I need that hour to regain my focus. I don’t want my kids to see me mad for silly reasons. My focus is and always will be to make sure they know they are loved, taken care of but in order to make sure they are, I need my me time to ensure I am leading by example and being the best version of myself. Today was no joke, it seemed like the whole day was going to just be problem after problem. But after my workout, I was able to get back into that positive mind set. Now I have food cooking to keep our nutrition in check this week, Tucker is napping, Makenzie is playing with her barbies and I’m doing some work! Beautiful balance. I’m sure there will be plenty more crazy moments as there is everyday but now I feel more focused and ready to handle situations!

On another note, the girls and Tucker stayed overnight at my sisters this weekend and Tucker is back to biting me. Bites my arms, my stomach, he was on the floor crawling around today and he bit my toe even. I am not sure what my best option is discipline him as he is so little. He is getting more teeth, his 5th tooth is through and his 6th one is close to breaking through. I give him stuff to chew and that hasn’t seemed to help. I thought maybe that was his way of punishing me for leaving him! Any advice would be appreciated!

I made Chicken Fajita Soup today, click herehttps://melodiealexander.com/recipes/ for the recipe.

As always, thanks for following along. I always get such positive feedback and I appreciate you all for following along!

Weekly Focus Goals//Weighing your food//Evening Snacking//Dinners this week//

Some weeks I’m a little more strict than others and I focus on various things.

This week I am focusing on:

No sweeteners/sweets—sometimes when I do coffee and heavy whipping cream I will put stevia in the raw in my coffee for a little extra but this week my goal was to do zero sweeteners. And sometimes I have a Diet Coke but honestly I can’t even remember the last time I’ve had pop, so I’m realizing it’s been pretty easy to let that go. I am also doing this because Makenzie turns THREE on Friday so there will be some sort of cake or cupcake enjoyed with her for sure! Weighing my food—I put my food scale out on the counter this week to weigh my chicken breast, nuts and other things that need to be weighed. I have gotten really good with eyeing things but this week I wanted to hone in a little more on the foods and make sure I’m logging properly. If you click the scale it will take you right to Target online to order or you will see what aisle it’s in at your local Target!

No evening snacking—I generally am always really good at this but it took me a while. I would be guilty of being so good throughout the day and being below my caloric intake and then I would be SO unbelievably hungry I wouldn’t be able to not eat so if I do get really hungry, like stomach growling hungry, not just because you’re bored or have a craving hungry, because we all know that’s most of the time the case, I generally mix up a shake with protein/water or have 2 tbsp of nuts. (Almonds, macadamia nuts or cashews) But now I focus on having my daily calories in by 6 or 7 pm!

I had a pretty tough evening to conquer on Sunday with the way I was feeling and letting negativity win but I can say I blasted through the negativity and this week has been great! Positive vibes for the win!

Dinners this week have included:
Chicken Breast(I bought 5 lbs and cooked it all so it is readily available to make whatever it is I’m feeling like)

Monday: 4oz Chicken Breast with 1tbsp Bleu Cheese and 1 C. steamed broccoli 🥦

Tuesday: 4oz chicken breast with 1tbsp mustard and 1 C. steamed broccoli

I also made a chicken Cesar salad for Travis for dinner and lunches this week:
8oz chicken breast
2 tbsp Cesar dressing
1/4 C shredded cheddar jack cheese
Pepper on top

4oz steak
Asparagus with olive oil, salt, pepper and Parmesan cheese cooked in the oven at 425 for 15 mins

I hope your week is going well so far! As always, I hope you are making better choices and you are moving in the right direction to reach those goals. As always, thanks for following along and if you need any guidance or have questions don’t hesitate to reach out! You can easily reach our by filling out the contact page by clicking here.


✨ Introduction time ✨

I’m Melodie, I was born in Hancock, MI but born and raised in Greenland, MI and went to Ontonagon Schools. I’m the baby of four. I have two brothers and one sister. I graduated high school in 2007.

I went to NMU and earned a degree in Health Information. I met Travis the first week of school through a girl I had just met in my freshman classes and the rest is history. We were married in 2011 at the ages of 22 & 23. He’s older! 😜

I had a job at a local gym for 7 years.

I am a Health Coach according to a certificate I earned, but in my eyes, living and doing the “fitness and nutrition” aspect for almost 12 years, my real life experience is where I pull most of my knowledge from.

I’m in the best shape I’ve been in at 30 then I was years ago.

I’m a mom to three, two girls and a boy. I had non medicated births because that’s what I wanted and I was able to do it. I may have questioned myself during but I had fairly fast labors and a great husband to guide me through.

I love spending time with my family and lately one of my favorite things to do is watch a movie and cuddle with them all in our king size bed because life can be pretty crazy and taking those moments together is crucial.

We have two beagles boys who test our patience more than our kids.

Travis works as the Manager of Personal Training and Wellness and is a Personal Trainer at the YMCA and works very hard. He’s truly our super husband/dad.

I’ve never broken any bones. I’ve ran two marathons, one at 7 weeks pregnant.

I’ve never got a speeding ticket.

I’m a stay at home, working mama.

I have a blog, I offer many health and wellness services, I sell therapeutic ketones and supplements(website launching soon👏🏼 🎉) I love summer and fall but I enjoy the change of seasons.

I’ve never lived anywhere other than Michigan.

We want to retire in the warmth but intend to do a lot of traveling. We will always call Marquette home. And we will snowmobile at least once a year!

I’ve breastfed all my kids for just over two years. Well, not Tucker yet. 🤣

My passion is to help others achieve their goals in a realistic approach.

Cleansing//Complex Carbs//Podcast//& More//

So after a couple weeks of noticing I was having more complex carbs than I normally do. I generally am at 75 or less carbs a day. When I got my DNA test done, it was on my results, that I was carb sensitive so I know better than to go overboard but it still happens from time to time because we’re all human. The key is to dial back in when you feel those things start slipping away and you definitely notice it in your mental state because I tend to feel sluggish!

So, last week I decided to do a modified cleanse because I can’t do the one I’ve done in the past because I’m still breastfeeding, and that’s still going very well! I made modifications, basically it consists of two to three shakes and two meals/snacks. By Wednesday my energy was through the roof! By Wednesday evening and I say evening because I find that’s when most of us like to snack, I didn’t feel the urge to go into the pantry for the crackers or other high carb snacks so my cleanse did what I intended.

By Friday evening I had lost 3 pounds for the week and I was feeling really good! I’m by no means saying complex carbs are the evil or I never eat them, I just feel better without a lot of them! I just know that once I start reaching a certain amount of those types of carbs, I have a harder time stopping eating those and I tend to be even hungrier.

So last week I decided to record a podcast and I’m looking forward to recording more. I will link it at the bottom of this blog post! This one was about taking time for yourself. It’s so true how much we can push our goals to the side when we are moms and we are busy taking care of kids all day or if you work all day, you may not always feel like getting to the gym or doing the at home workout but taking that time for yourself makes you a better mom in my opinion! I used to be like, need to get in a quick workout and be done so I can focus on being a mom. But now with the flexibility of being able to have care at the Y to have my kids taken care of while I’m working out, I have fallen back in love with those 60 minute workouts. I’m not saying I still don’t do the quick HIIT workouts from time to time but I found my “peace” my “me” time again and I couldn’t be in a better physically but so much mentally.

Also, remembering you don’t have to workout every day to get results and those rest days are necessary. All of our journeys are so different and that’s what makes it so fun to help others. Not one of my plans for people are the exact same.

Update on Makenzie: when I dropped her off at school on Monday, she walked in and said, “tada, I’m here, do you like my sweatshirt? (to her teachers and friends) Bye mom, have a good day!” So that was a huge step in the positive direction! And this morning she once again did great at drop off. Just a reminder to us all that, when things get tough or emotionally hard, because it was so hard emotionally leaving her there crying and so upset but if I didn’t do it, she wouldn’t of transitioned and it literally only took two weeks. So this too shall pass!

Tucker is officially pulling himself up, he hasn’t mastered crawling yet but he gets himself across the floor in more of an army crawl. He is a biter, and can be told “not nice” and “do not bite” and he giggles. Thankfully, he isn’t biting me while nursing. He’s biting legs, arms, shoulders, which still hurts, so I’m hoping soon, that stops. He loves his baths and he splashes so much that you might as well have taken a bath too by the time he’s done!

Mallorie loves kindergarten, she’s just growing up so much. She is so adorable with following what’s going on in class and she comes home and does activities that she did in class. She said art is her favorite and I am not surprised because she is the one that always wants to do a craft.

I hope the first two days of October are off to a great start!

Click HERE to listen to my FIRST podcast!

Fall Routine//Guidance//Intermittent Fasting//Your Health

With our new fall routine I feel like my head is spinning and I’m being pushed and pulled in every direction possible. It’s hard to explain, it’s just crazy! 🤪 In those moments of whoa, it also makes me realize that, we’re lucky as heck to be so busy and have such positive things to look forward to. Is your fall routine off to a good start?

I LOVE to help people as much as I can but I also want people to reach their goals with purpose. Start with small goals and go from there. Remember, it’s a journey. Example: I have a client who wants to lose weight but doesn’t want to give up the bread/beer fully. My solution, as always, have the serving, cut it back to 1-2 times/week and most importantly, track your food, whether it’s in the form of writing it down or using a tracker app. Also, make sure you’re taking your vitamins and other supplements. Need guidance with that? I can help.

Intermittent fasting has worked wonderfully for me because I simply just don’t have the time to prepare and prep food like I used to or maybe I just don’t want to waste my time on it anymore. 🤷🏼‍♀️🤪 I generally eat between the hours of 1-7. Of course, different circumstances have their time and place. It works for me but everyone is so different and that’s why there’s no one plan for everyone!

I’ve had some great results with the therapeutic ketones as well, of course thats why I strongly recommend and sell the products. I would get into the science of it all but that can be boring if you don’t really care to know all the why’s BUT if you want to get into more of the science behind intermittent fasting or ketones, just shoot me a message.

At the end of the day, it’s about being healthy and happy and reaching YOUR goals. Your health is so important, you only get one body, so it’s important to take care of it. It’s not always easy, but it’s definitely worth it.

As always, thanks for following along. I truly appreciate all the positivity and look forward to helping more people along the way.

Non Scale Victories//Fall Goals//School Routines//

There are a couple differences between these pictures. The one on the left was taken at the end of March and the one on the right was taken last week. This is from 2 months post partum to 7 months post partum. These jeans were definitely on my list of hope to fit into them better eventually and I put them on last week after not wearing them for quite some time and actually thought they were a different pair then I was like no way that they’re this loose so I washed and dried them and put them on and GUESS WHAT? They are indeed loose. Non scale victories are sometimes the most rewarding! Also, this is true proof that results take time, it’s a process. Leading and living a healthy lifestyle takes work and consistency, there is no easy fix. It’s easy to get wrapped up about the number on the scale or the battle of what your goals are. I think sometimes our expectations are set too high and we just need to remember our goals are OUR GOALS! We are each so different and everyones goal is so individualized and that’s what makes the journey with the challenges and strategies the most rewarding once we reach a goal!

I ran the Marquette half marathon as that was one of my goals after running the full in June, was to run a half. My goal was under 2 hours, I did it in 1:55 so I was happy with that! The last three miles I thought for sure I was going to get a burst of energy after downing some goos but the last two were by far the toughest! But I was happy to barely be sore and back at my workouts right away.

As far as goals for this fall, I’m shooting for those 6-8 pounds of weight loss by the end of November. Honestly, I do feel great. I just know generally what weight I feel the best at. It’s not a race but rather that I’m doing it while still being able to enjoy life and balance it all out and being healthy is my top priority!

What are some of your goals for the Fall?

We have got into our new “school” routine pretty well! Mallorie is loving kindergarten and has adjusted well, we are so proud of her!

Makenzie is having a bit of a difficult time adjusting to being in Preschool but I know as each day and week passes, it’s going to get easier for her.

As always, thanks for following along! If you have any questions or would like some guidance, let me know. I’m hoping to get some recipes added on my blog but we have been using HelloFresh weekly which helps very much for planning. If you’d like to try, I do have some $40 off invites!

Organizing/New Routines/Journaling

Do you ever get in a mode to organize and complete tasks and it never seems to happen but then all of a sudden you find yourself doing it all at once?

My goal before school started was that I wanted to have all the girls and Tucker’s clothed organized and in order of what they could still wear and any of the stuff they wouldn’t be wearing where it needs to be. Mallorie clothes, we obviously are saving for Makenzie, but on that note, it’s so funny how different personalities can be, especially on clothes. Makenzie has so many of Mallorie’s hand me downs but wears the same 3-5 dresses. She also went to bed in a swimsuit top last night! 🤷🏼‍♀️🤣 We are giving Makenzie’s clothes to my niece and I’ve been giving some of Tucker’s clothes to my friend and then some to my sister to give to a co-worker who is having a boy in November!

I cannot believe how much Mallorie has grown either, she has grown out of clothes I bought her this spring! Tucker is the same way, I thought for sure he would be good in 6-9 month clothes but he’s already busting out of those and making his way into 9 month clothes.

So, anyway, Monday my goal was: organize the kids clothes. That then turned into organizing our closet and now I’m in an organizational mood and I’m loving it! Any good tips on how to KEEP things organized? I always seem to have to repeat the organizing every couple months!

My goal this week was also to get in a going to school routine. It’s pretty darn close to what we’re doing now except Mallorie will get on the bus and then Makenzie, Tucker and myself will go to the Y for around 8:30-8:45 and then I do my workout while Tucker is in tot watch from 9-10. Makenzie is going to start at three full days/week in preschool! Does anyone else get excited for new seasons and new routines? I love summer and the more laid back schedule but I also am really excited for a new schedule and for all things pumpkin spice and the change of clothes, too!

I am so proud, I am 4 weeks into journaling my food and I always feel like that keeps me so much more in check. Have you journaled your food before and have you seen better results? Let me know if you want to join in on journaling in September, I have journals available and have a group of people kicking off journaling post Labor Day! Journaling for me is just like organizing except I’m way better at journaling my food than I am at keeping closets organized! 🤣

Have a great Wednesday!

Hectic Days/Gym Workouts/Goals & More

Sometimes it’s SO overwhelming getting our life together in the morning. Getting three kids ready in the morning, dogs out, a cup of coffee in, stuff ready for everyone depending on the day. I make a point to get up early and get myself put together and my game plan/focus for the day together before the three little ones wake up. Newest added daily routine is reading positive affirmations in the morning and in the evening. That has made such a huge difference in my mindset and especially helping me fall asleep even better at night.

Makenzie goes three days a week to a preschool program 9-12, so we have two stops three days. For the most part, it’s a routine now and we have a pretty good flow. In the fall Mallorie will ride the bus, and Kenzie is starting preschool at the Y, so our fall routine will be a little less hectic than it’s been. Tucker is approaching 7 months old this month and I’m not sure how that even happened! It’s went by so fast. He’s such a go with the flow and happy little guy. He has four teeth and the top two are the cutest right now when he smiles. Melts my heart.

I didn’t do near as much leaving the house when I had the girls but I love it, I love being out and about. I also have found that I LOVE working out in the gym so much. At home workouts have their place but I prefer the gym atmosphere so much better. And the nice part is having tot watch available so I can bring the kiddos along. I love getting in a 45-60 minute uninterrupted workout.

Some days, when the girls are fighting and yelling, I’m like, “holy crap, stop!” But then as everyone was sleeping the other night, it dawned on me as I was reading positive affirmations, they grow up, they get less needy, so enjoy this now because when they’re all less needy I’m going to miss it! (Although, I think I’ll always have my biggest kid, Travis 😉 to take care of!) I’ll probably be sad I’m not needed as much so “embrace the moment” is my mantra. I saw a lady at the Y a couple weeks ago and when she saw me bringing both girls to the bathroom and with Tucker in his carrier, she said, I’ve been there, I had two girls 18 months apart and then a baby boy two years after the second girl. Now, mind you, Kenzie and Mallorie are almost three years apart, and Kenzie and Tucker are two but she said, believe it or not, it gets easier and then all of a sudden they’re gone. 😭😭 She said she was going to have four but was in her late 30’s so they didn’t. We don’t plan to have four but I do know that I feel lucky and blessed even when most of the time things get a little or a lot out of control. 😂

Also, if I had any advice for couples with kids, get a babysitter or have family watch them for date days/nights, extra workouts 🤣🤷🏼‍♀️ and also having family or someone else you trust available to have your kids on overnights. We have a babysitter at least once a week and we try to do at least one night if not a weekend away from the kids once a month. It’s a crucial part of keeping your marriage strong because after all, that’s how the craziness all started, was between the two of you. I treasure my time with Travis but when we’re all home together it’s about us as a family and then we have our dates and some weekends when we can be just us!

My goals are going good. I’ve been focused on muscle groups in the gym and that has made a huge difference with my results. Much thanks to Travis for the sessions, programming,motivation but most of all the accountability! I’m looking forward to continuing with this journey of health and fitness. It’s always amazing to see what your body is capable of.

Need some guidance? Let me know, I’d love to help! As always, thanks for reading!

Post Marathon//Summer Goals//Thoughts

Post marathon thoughts. My goals was 4:45 or less, I finished at 4:46:06. So, I think I was close enough to what I wanted. Of course, my ultimate goal is 4:20 or even less. I trained for what my body felt comfortable at beginning at 6 weeks postpartum up to almost 5 months post partum. So, I’m embracing my journey and am so happy I did it again this year! The thing that stuck with me most in the race was each mile is a moment, I will eventually get to the last moment and finish 26.2 and that’s what I most certainly did. My cheerleaders, number one fan, Travis, of course, being himself, telling me to “open your darn stride and tell your legs to shit the up!” helped when the moments got really tough and my three littles and my sister, and my brother in law sending me motivational texts, my sister in law and my brother in law cheering me on every couple miles was what I looked forward to the most! I definitely picked up my pace at the end. All the people who followed along and thought of me that day, thank you!! A lot of people thought I was crazy for running so soon after having Tucker but I trained for it and listened to my body. AND I’ll admit I may be slightly crazy 🤪

My goals this summer is to enjoy my time with the kiddos especially before Mallorie heads to kindergarten in the Fall! 😭

Thoughts on other goals for the summer, I’m still running every week. I’m going to run Marquette’s half marathon. I’m planning to start doing more Olympic lifting with Travis. I’m doing my daily workouts at the Y with Travis’ guidance and training with him when I can. As far as nutrition, I’m not counting macros too closely, I’m enjoying things but not going crazy and I’m still intermittent fasting, which is so convenient when you have three kids to get out of the house in the mornings. I still have a “goal” weight I want to reach but I’m not stressing majorly over that right now. I’m liking how I’m feeling and looking so I’d say I’m doing good for Summer so far.

I had a thought on one of my runs. If you’re looking to change, whether its weight loss, gain muscle or just feel better in general. Start with small changes, and stay consistent versus quitting everything cold turkey. I’ve tried both approaches and quite honestly, my mental and physical outcome with staying consistent, meaning, if I want to have dessert or a glass of wine or a cheeseburger with fries or a beer, I do it but keep it at one serving so that I still feel great mentally and physically!

Have a great Wednesday! Thanks for reading, as always!