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So, I had a blog post I was going to post on Monday but it didn’t feel right. It talked about how for a couple weeks I wrote a lot of blog posts but none of them felt right and then just as I felt like it was right, we got the orders that things were shutting down.

So, being at home for three full days I finally feel like I can write something again.

So, here I am. I want to take you back to things I’ve experienced and things I feel strongly about, as always. In March of 2015 I became a stay at home mom to Mallorie. I did at home workouts because I wasn’t able to get myself to go workout elsewhere and why would I? I had all the equipment and it was pretty feasible to get my workouts completed with one kid.

October of 2016 I had Makenzie. Still continued at home workouts. I didn’t leave the house much, sometimes we questioned why we had two vehicles and Travis would often say, “you need to get out, just go do something.” I would often say, “I’m fine.” Looking back, I wasn’t fine. I down played that I was ok because I’m strong and I’m mom of the house. Anxiety was what it was. I would just convince myself I’ll do it tomorrow, then that would push it into a whole week without leaving until Travis would take us all out as a family or we’d go on a date. Fast forward to his position change in April 2018 where he became Director of Health and Wellness at the Y and we found out in May I was pregnant. I still didn’t utilize the children’s programs until June when Mallorie started preschool three days a week and I still didn’t bring Makenzie in so I could work out, I was still working out at home and then within a couple weeks Travis was like, it would be really good for you and I was like I’m fine at home. And then finally by August I went in and you know what it really was great for me. His motivation has me always forever grateful. He never quit telling me to just go because he knew I needed it. I went from going three days a week and now I go, sometimes seven days a week but always five. It’s not always for the workout, it’s for the adult interaction, just getting out and the time to be me. I have grown so much as a person because getting out and doing things out of your comfort zone is so empowering.

Well, with all this going on, it makes me realize sometimes I can complain about how busy life is and how hectic it can be. But it has been really hard for me to slow down this week and although I appreciate the time with the kiddos and everything I am looking forward very much to getting back into our routine. The girls are doing a great job, of course they have their moments just like we all do, we are doing our best and we are working out daily and doing many many activities! Tucker is obviously completely fine and I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s walking within this next two weeks because we’ve been at home so much. He’s standing up alone!

Also, the meme going around that people will gain 15 pounds in this social distancing. It’s frustrating. People always say they don’t have time to take care of themselves because they’re so busy, well now is your chance. This is a fabulous time to implement healthy habits. Start with a 20 minute workout, switch your lunch from a sandwich to a salad. Be mindful. So many people are stressed and have anxiety right now and exercise and nutrition has been proven to aid with stress levels, give it a try!

As always, thanks for following along. I believe we are going to come out of this stronger than ever. We just have to stay positive and be mindful of our health. With this, I want to let you know, I have cut my workout sessions prices majorly $30 for 50 minutes and $20 for a 25 minute option. I’d love to workout with you! Message me for more details or make a comment on this post and I’ll get in touch with you! Stay healthy!

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Reaching your goals and having success isn’t just about making sure you’re eating in your calorie budget and working out daily. Our bodies are so resilient but yet so very sensitive as well. Nourishing our mind, body and soul is necessary for complete success in all aspects of our life.

Challenge creates change is something I always say. But it’s true. If you don’t challenge yourself, there won’t be any change. Whether the challenge is to meditate for a half hour a day to get your mind in a better place, working out for 30 mins, or making better choices to aid in leading a healthy lifestyle. It is challenging because the “easy” route of complaining, saying you don’t have time or a fast food option is always easier. But the easy route doesn’t give you the cup full feeling!

Take this week to make better choices in the right direction. You don’t always have to enable yourself to feel like you need to be 100% ALL THE TIME. It’s not realistic. But you can keep yourself more accountable by having someone there to guide you or to choose to make healthy changes.

This is my after Christmas/New Year photo vs Friday. Obviously, I’m a little bit more tan due to a spray tan but I’m feeling great and this last week I really pushed my weights up in the gym. When life throws you curveballs, and trust me, I had plenty last week, there’s ONE thing I am in control of and that’s my workouts and nutrition. I’m not going to lie, Thursday, I fasted until noon and basically ate from 12-3 and then didn’t eat again until 715, but I stayed within my calorie zone and ended up feeling like a beast on Friday and very flat and no bloating. I totaled about 175 carbs and I fasted on Friday until about 3:30. I’m just trying to get across that you’re going to have days where you eat more or slip up and that it’s OKAY, just focus on making adjustments to enable your success. As always, I’d love to help guide you or if you have any questions, reach out.

So, tomorrow my baby boy Tucker is going to be ONE! I’ll never forget his entrance into the world at lightning speed! IT’S a BOY in Travis’ voice and the instant tears we both had because well, we would of been happy either way but I’m so lucky to have a baby boy because there’s just something about that little babe. As I reflect on the past year, I can say a couple things as a mom of 3. It can be trying, it can be stressful some days but it is so damn worth it. The way they blossom, the way they need you, each stage is so neat and we are beyond lucky.

I hope you all had a great weekend and make Monday great!!

As always, thanks for following along! I think we have all definitely been reminded since yesterday with the death of a great icon along with the lives of others, don’t take any moments for granted. Live everyday to the fullest, because nothing is ever guaranteed.

“If you do not believe in yourself, no one else will.” -Kobe Bryant

January//Supplements//Embrace your Journey//

January is officially more than half way over and I’m doing well! Life is busy, but busy in a good way!

So, I’ve been journaling my food for all of January so far. It’s going great and I always reiterate how much it’s necessary to do a couple times a year. Whether it’s for weight loss, weight gain, or finding what types of foods make you feel a certain way. I sell my food journal on

I wanted to talk about supplementation as well. Supplements can be scary. I used to be so nervous to take anything more than a prenatal and protein powder. You have to do your research and there’s so much out there, good and bad. I recently streamlined my tmfitnessmqt website so before you decide to buy supplements, I would like to have a consultation with you because everyone’s journey is so customized. We will design what your best options are and we can go from there. All you have to do is text or call me, 906-281-0493 or we can meet in person. I am selling Top Trainer Supplements and you can also purchase Gundry MD products(which are from the Doctor who wrote the Plant Paradox book I read) I would love to guide you on your supplementation journey! Most supplements can be shipped, picked up, or local drop off. You can click for more info to be directed to the sites that I get supplements from if you want to read more info on your own as well on the from the homepage of my website, You CAN place an order if you’d like from the links on the site as well, totally up to you! But always reach out with any questions or concerns!

Also, I have a direct link to my Pruvit website products which is all things ketones. I have those available for sale and shipping and that’s something you can text or message me about as well, but you can purchase them via my Pruvit website and I recommend those for almost anyone! The Pruvit website has so much science and helpful information, too! Here is the link to that website.

I am feeling like I am still am holding on to weight in my triceps and abdomen but I’m working on it and the journaling is helping a lot. I’m happy with what I’ve done since starting my workout/nutrition goals after being cleared to workout after having Tucker. Sometimes we can be so hard on ourselves and this past week I really had to step back and appreciate my journey. I was getting down on myself for the scale not moving down fast enough and not appreciating the way I look. Then I look back on each journey with each kid and I’m very appreciative and need to remember, I have birthed three babies and each journey has been different getting my body back to what I feel good at. The biggest move forward has been my mentality. I’m in such a great place mentally as well, and that makes a huge difference. I’m going to say it again, taking that time for yourself is KEY!!

As always, if you need some guidance in regards to ANYTHING, don’t hesitate to reach out!

New Year//Kiddos//Holiday Bloat//Group Exercise//Journaling//

The Christmas hustle is over, decor is down, tree is gone, house is mostly in place with new toys and such. The girls really have thoroughly enjoyed their new presents and having them home during break to play was great. We also had our “you’re mean” and “I don’t like you” moments too. Sister arguments can be oh so interesting and let me tell you I’ve been there but now my sister and I are as close as can be now!

We were so busy over break. We made homemade play dough last week, slime, we’ve put together new toys that they bought with gift cards. We had our afternoons of down time, so much fun! Tucker is definitely getting into more stuff by the day but I love this stage because they start really responding to you. But how is be going to be ONE this month?! He puts everything in his mouth so we always have to make sure Barbie shoes, legos and all small pieces are picked up at all times.

I had some holiday bloat for sure and last week was great to get back into the swing of feeling better. And I’m ready for a full week of on point nutrition! I’m excited for a normal week back to the routine.

Last Thursday Mallorie asked me if it was time to go back to school! There’s nothing more humbling than when she’s excited and ready to continue learning AND I know she missed her friends!

Makenzie went back to preschool and did great!

Teaching group exercise classes again has been so fun and rewarding, too! I absolutely love instructing. I still love my hour of gym time a day, too. I just had a conversation with a friend last week and we were talking about how there’s so much more balance and happiness in your life when you take time for yourself. I will say it over and over again. Commit a half hour, 45 minutes or an hour to solely YOU or doing a workout class, or doing it with a friend. If you don’t think you have time, make time. We always have the ability to wake up earlier, schedule time a couple times a week where your kids are at school or are being watched, or find a gym that has childcare, the Y has been a LIFESAVER for that. Commit to a better you and better plan and process in 2020 and see changes to a healthier lifestyle this year! It can only get better. If you’re already taking the time for yourself, high five! 👋🏼 So, here’s the thing. There’s one thing stopping you from reaching goals and that’s ourselves. It’s so easy to say I don’t feel like it. When I was so bloated last Tuesday I didn’t want to workout because I felt so tired but Travis reminded me, “you’ll feel better after.” And I did. (And we all know how much I don’t like when Travis is right 🤣🤦🏼‍♀️)

My suggestion is writing down a plan of what you will intend to do for workouts through the week and then adjust as needed! I find that if you write down, even put it on your computer or a note on your phone and try and stick to a schedule, it enables us to be more successful. As always, if you need some guidance, let me know!

Travis started cooking when he’s been getting home since last week a couple times a week and that’s been AMAZING! Seriously, helps so much. Balance is amazing. And to be 100% honest, he’s always been a better cook, I’ll take the cleaning up any time! It’s pretty cute too because Mallorie and Makenzie call him “chef dad!”

This week I busted out my food journal and am logging fully for at least 4 weeks, if not more. That’s my first goal.

So here’s to reaching goals in 2020. They don’t have to be huge goals, small changes lead to big results! Happy Wednesday, followers!

As always, thanks for following along!

Christmas//Reflection//Gluten Free Sugar Cookies//Meal Prep Service//Running//A funny story//

We are only 5 days away from Christmas and our house is full of magic, holiday parties, holiday baking, elf shenanigans and so much love. As we get to the end of the year, I always reflect on the past year as I’m sure a lot of you do too! This year has been so much for me. I’ve went through some obstacles of being a mom to 3. Mallorie went to kindergarten and is acting like she’s 13 sometimes. My mom heart explodes though because she’s such a motivated, generous and wonderful helper in all aspects of her life. Makenzie is going to preschool and beats to her own drum, only wears workout pants, summer dresses and short sleeve t-shirts. She has a kind soul but gets mad very quickly when something doesn’t go her way. The independence is deep in that one. And our sweet Tucker, he lights up our world. There’s something about having a baby boy and I am so blessed he came into our lives. He’s standing on everything and before we know it, he’ll be walking! Time sure has flown.

Growth—Travis and I have grown this year individually and together. We are so very lucky to be able to be where we are in our lives and are so fortunate for the positive people in our lives. 2019 is going to be hard to beat but 2020 is already looking to be great!

This week, the girls and I made gluten free sugar cookies. I’ll post the recipe link below. I thought they were ok and Travis thought they were good! The girls liked them too. I did use egg in it(even due to my sensitivity) because I couldn’t bring myself to using applesauce when I was already using gluten free flour. 🤷🏼‍♀️🤣 We will be making regular sugar cookies Monday. We also made Oreo Truffles which are so rich and sweet but delicious. We took them to Makenzie’s Preschool Christmas party and they were a hit!

Keeping me on track with my nutrition for the most part has been MQT Nutrition. Their meal prep service has saved me from having to put together lunches and dinners along with taking care of the holiday hustle. I highly recommend them!

I’m enjoying the Holidays but not losing sight of my goals. My body fat is right where I want it to be. I am continuing to do my strength workouts and HIIT workouts through the week. I also have been interval running on the treadmill a couple days a week. Averaging about 6-10 miles a week. I’m excited for TWO races this spring/summer and look forward to more. I was talking to somebody when I ran my last marathon and they said generally when somebody does a marathon, that’s either the only one they do or they keep doing them! Looks like I’m the one who keeps doing them. Running outside is so therapeutic for me and my training runs are so empowering. Listening to my body is most crucial. Like, yesterday I worked out with somebody and by the end I was just like I need a rest day I could just tell. So this morning I am just enjoying some coffee, I am kidless because my sister has them for a special pre-Christmas weekend and I’m just enjoying my time and getting Christmas stuff wrapped up! I’m so thankful to have her to take them for weekends and trips because when we need those much needed breaks, it really gives us a chance to be us and they also love spending time with auntie and uncle, so it’s a win win!

I do have to share a Makenzie story. So, Tuesday afternoon neither her or Tucker would fall asleep so I put them in the car and of course they fall asleep. So, then it is time to pick Mallorie up from school because they both had haircuts and so she was stirring around but basically I had to wake her up and I brought her in the school and she insisted that we were staying because she wanted something to eat and she was carrying on and crying and saying she was staying so finally after five minutes of trying to convince her I had to grab her and pick her up. And I had took her in the other hand and she managed to squeeze out and she tried to run back in the school. So I had to grab her again and we got to the vehicle and I sat her down and she started running so I had to grab her again and then finally I got her in the vehicle and she laid on the floor saying she wasn’t going and that she hated us. So got to the hair salon and she came in but screamed at the door yelling don’t talk to me don’t look at me. And we just ignored her and then all of a sudden she came out of it got her haircut was so appreciative and then we got home and I was all of a sudden like “hey Kenzie who was that kid at the school and at the hair salon?” And she looks at me and she says “yeah, mom I was just crying and mad because I just needed something to eat, I was crazy, right mom?” These are real mom moments that I will always look back on and be so appreciative that I was able to be a mom. But in those sweaty moments wrangling them, it can be so overwhelming! To all the mamas out there, keep doing a great job!

Happy Saturday!

Click here for the gluten free sugar cookie recipe!

Nutritional Goals//Food Sensitivity Update//Research//Holiday Hustle//My Helper//

Sometimes we can become so stuck on our nutrition that we tend to eat the same foods over and over and then that turns into over eating on things that aren’t the healthiest for us because we go for so long without having the foods we like or we just get sick of having the same foods and get stuck in a rut. At least that has happened to me in the past.

My goal through this whole process of living a healthy lifestyle has been to change it up always and not get stuck in a rut of eating the same thing over and over. I used to eat the same thing all through the weeks everyday and then I would find myself eating the foods I loved on the weekend but way too much of them! And on Sunday-Monday I would feel sluggish and bloated. Now, I focus more on what I feel like eating, mostly healthy of course but making sure I only eat until I feel satiety vs eating until I’m way too full! And if I feel like something sweet or a little extra…I have a piece or a serving of it and I feel much better than if I try and not have it. I’ve really enjoyed reading the Plant Paradox book because it really opens your eyes to the types of foods that are best and making sure you’re eating the proper fruits/veggies for the time of year.

Making the changes on my food sensitivity test has made a difference. Just being more aware. Especially with egg ingredients. Dressings I was having had eggs, I was having a lot of things with garlic and coconut ingredients and not even realizing it. I’ve had pizza and various other things but I’ve been so much BETTER! We made Christmas cookies with applesauce as the substitute for egg and that worked well!

Also, another huge thing that has helped this week is getting meals from MQT Nutrition. Seriously, I’m the hustle and bustle of the Holiday season it can be so hard to eat healthy. If you live in Marquette, check out their meal prep options or go in and grab a meal!

I still am fasting daily because I love it. I still am fasting until 1-2 in the afternoon, eating between then and 7pm. It really allows me to focus more on my tasks for the day and then have a meal, a snack and then one final meal. Fasting doesn’t work for everyone but it’s worth trying to see if it’s something that works for you! I’d be happy to guide you along if you’d like some help. Not only does fasting have benefits for timing but many health benefits as well!

I’ve been doing so much research and reading on fasting, food sensitivities and overall health/food options and it really can be overwhelming for us but I’m writing in a food journal and a daily journal so I follow through daily and it really makes a big difference when you put things down on paper. It keeps me more accountable to learn but also to know what I’m putting in my body.

The hustle of the holidays is here and I can’t believe we’re so close to Christmas. It can get so hectic but be sure to enjoy moments and time with your loved ones as that’s the reason for the season! I’ve done a good job getting the gifts the girls have really wanted and not just buying things to buy them. It’s been nice to be able to shop with Tucker when they are at school as he can’t tell them what we’re buying YET! He’s a pretty good shopping partner if you give him snacks but he does get a little crazy and stands up in the cart so I have to push the cart from the end so he’s safe! He tries to help wrap gifts but that doesn’t always end well! 🤣 I hope you all are enjoying the Holiday Season!

Here is a picture of him with me at Target helping 😉

Have a great weekend and as always, thanks for reading along!

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Grateful/My Food Sensitivity Results/Changes & More

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving and felt grateful. Yesterday I encountered various people I follow on social media being rude and calling people “idiots” or “stupid” and I just have to say I’m thoroughly surprised at how people can be so rude and say obscene things about people. You know, a lot of people are trying so hard to be better and then there are people who try to take them down. Just be kind, be grateful and most of all respect others.

I got my food sensitivity test results back on Tuesday and I found out I’m highly sensitive to egg whites. I actually cut out eggs almost completely two months ago because I would have stomach discomfort almost instantly after that would last a last all day. But now I’m quickly realizing I was doing other things that had eggs in the ingredients. With Holiday baking coming up, I was researching how to replace eggs in recipes and it says applesauce. My fellow bakers, is that true? I also am moderately sensitive to the yolk so cutting out the complete egg is what I’m doing.

Other items on my list are:

Barley, chicken, coconut, garlic, kelp, rye, tuna and wheat. Now most of these were at 20-25 and my egg white sensitivity was at 109.

Kelp was the second highest coming in at 46. Interestingly enough the fruits and greens powder I was taking had kelp in it and I cut that out last week and replaced my fruits and greens shake with the Plant Paradox green smoothie. So, I talked about in my blog post last week how I cut out heavy whipping cream and high fat cheeses. I did replace my tbsp of heavy whipping cream with almond milk creamer but I realized when I got my results back there is Coconut Cream in my creamer so I will be going to dairy creamer again as it turns out I’m sensitive to coconut products and not dairy at all. So, these last couple days have been a lot of reading labels. One huge thing I have to say is, if you can buy organic, do so. In the organic chicken broth there was only three ingredients and in the off brand there was TEN.

These last couple days have been so eye opening on how much I was eating that had my sensitivity foods in it. It really helps when you have someone (Travis) who is willing to help with these changes and give ideas to make the necessary changes.

With Thanksgiving yesterday I had turkey, mashed potatoes and then we made a homemade stuffing with sausage, celery, (eggs, but we substituted with homemade applesauce) and spices as well. It turned out super tasty. I opted out of the pies because of the egg ingredients but I had some chocolate mousse for dessert.

We had a great day with family and we ended up having to go out and buy a new Christmas tree for our dining room. We’re planning to go pick out our real tree this weekend!

If anyone has any egg free Holiday recipes they’d like to send my way, please do!

As always, thanks for following along! And if you’re interested in doing the Everly Food Sensitivity test, follow the link here and use code BESTSALE for 25% OFF and let me know if you’re doing it so we can talk about your results when you get them!

Food Choices//Food Sensitivities//Inflammatory Foods//Knowledge//Answers//Weekend Nutrition//

So, in the past month and a half or so I actually have really had to own in on my nutrition, as far as what “healthy” foods I was putting in based on the choices I was making. For the past three years or so I implemented heavy whipping cream in and really had no issues. I had Tucker and it seems like with each kid, moms may hear me on this one, I know friends who have dealt with the same types of things. But, you develop food sensitivities after, I just think it comes down to hormones and I haven’t researched too much on this so it’s just me making the assumption that this is probably the case, so, I started having more issues like I said in the past month and a half and things were just not feeling right, my stomach was upset and bloated so I had to do the pull away foods “method” to see what foods were basically making the bowel issues. I actually switched the long chain lactose foods(thanks to Travis’ knowledge) which are you know higher fat so heavy whipping cream and whole fat cheeses was what I took out and I noticed a huge difference right away and then I was also doing a fruits and greens shake with ketogenic shake powder and I also took that out because of the high fats. I initially didn’t take the fruits and greens out until this week when I started implementing the green smoothie from the plant paradox book(for the recipe click here) and I’m not even kidding my bowels and stomach have been the best yet.

Until last night when I got a salad(the good choice) and I ate a couple sweet potato fries from Makenzie’s burger meal and I have had a severe allergic reaction to brussels sprouts, which I love, since I’ve had Tucker I had a severe allergic reaction this summer where my throat was itchy, I got hives and the sweats when I ate like 10 brussel sprouts and last night as soon as I ate like five sweet potato fries, I got severe heartburn my throat was itchy right away and I felt like I was burping up Brussels sprouts and Travis said they most likely deep fry the brussels sprouts in the same oil(duh!) so that makes sense. I just have had to be careful with choices and options and usually salads are my go to when eating out.

My DNA states that I am not lactose intolerant and so that was my claim to Travis when he suggested to cut out the heavy whipping cream and high fat cheeses and he said but yes, but you’re eating all high fat type, it’s not the lactose part of it(again, thanks Travis for the knowledge) I’m guilty of not always listening but he’s generally always right (that was really hard for me to type, LOL!) So what I do is if I want creamer in my coffee when I am done fasting, I put almond milk creamer in and I actually have liked that better, and so has my stomach. I completely took out the cheese and have replaced that with Brazilian nuts(high in selenium) because in my DNA it states I need more selenium which Brazilian nuts have. I recently took a food sensitivity test as well and I’m waiting for the results to come back on that so I will definitely be sharing when I get those results!

Just another fun fact after having babies, during my pregnancies with both girls my shoe size went up a little more than a half size. I started at a 6.5 and by the time Makenzie was born I was a size 8 and I stayed a size 8, now after having Tucker, my foot is actually back down to a 6.5. Hormones and pregnancy is crazy and no joke but I wouldn’t trade any of it for my babies.

Just a reminder, don’t be afraid to ask questions, get the knowledge from people you need and don’t be afraid to talk about the things like bowel movements and other things because at the end of the day being healthy is what matters.

Also, I want to say, I was so swollen last night through this morning, I weighed myself this morning and I was up 4 pounds and so I’ve just been drinking water, had 2 cups of coffee and then my ketones and more water and I have been going pee pretty much nonstop but I had to weigh myself before leaving my workout at the Y and I was already back down 3 pounds, I know it’s not a huge deal about the weight, but it just goes to show when you have those inflammatory foods you should not have, it takes a toll on us, so that is why it is so important to make sure we are taking care of our bodies and putting in the proper foods 80-90% of the time. But, thankfully, my bowels and stomach feel fine, because of how fast I am back on track!

Also, another thing to keep in mind. It is Friday and a lot of times I think when people do a great job during the week on their nutrition and then they come to the weekend, a lot of times (me being one of these people before, but not anymore!!!) We tend to over eat or over drink beginning on Friday night and it lasts for the whole weekend! Try to stay more in realm with your food and drink choices, if you like to have fish fry, share with someone or have half, if you like to have drinks, try having 1-2 instead of 5-6. Making small changes like this will benefit your long term health!

As always, thanks for following along! And As always, if you have any questions or would like some guidance, just reach out.


I had a major learning lesson a couple weeks ago and I debated posted this blog post but then decided, heck yeah I’m posting it. We got our vehicle cleaned and Makenzie’s carseat was left in there because we have extras. When I got her in her car seat before we went to school I “assumed” her car seat was buckled in as it was in the same spot where she always sits. I buckled her up and got in the front seat to leave but then I’m like “No, Melodie, don’t just assume that car seat is buckled in.” I went back to the back seat and sure was not buckled back up, why would I assume that someone who cleans vehicles should know how to buckle my kids car seat in? I should not assume.

Assumptions definition: a thing that is accepted as true or as certain to happen, without proof. You should never assume anything in life. I’ve been told by various people on my postpartum journey…”well, it’s easy for you to get and stay in shape because you’re married to a trainer and it’s what you guys do” That’s a huge assumption, I work my butt off and make sacrifices for the way I want to look and in return it makes me feel really good. And that’s what it’s all about, that full circle. And at the end of the day, it’s my choice. Or another one, “you don’t know what it’s like to have a lot of weight to lose, you don’t understand.” Assumption because I’ve gained 35-40 pounds with each pregnancy and guess what?? It didn’t magically come off, I had to work to get it off both mentally and physically. If you’re going through hard times or you think you don’t have the time to workout, let me tell you, that’s a choice, choose whether you want to live longer, look and feel better but don’t blame it on others because of you not following through to ensure your success and also don’t assume that your journey is more tough than others, we all have our hardships, our struggles and things that we can’t control but I’m here to tell you, if you take an hour, 45 minutes, 30 minutes or even 15 minutes to move and put exercise in your life for at least 3-4 days a week, you will see a difference in not only your body but so much in your mind(what matters most) because of those endorphins. If you make a CHOICE to put a healthy greens shake with protein in your system instead of candy or sweets, that’s your CHOICE and I promise you, if you keep doing it, you’ll see changes. Commit to a better you. Own YOUR journey, not anyone else’s because life is tough and if you’re worried about what others think or are doing, you’re taking time away from your journey. That’s been a battle of mine, worrying about what other people think and now after three kids and owning my journey and doing what’s best for me, I don’t care what the negative people’s perception of me is. No one has time for that! My grandma used to say, “if you have nothing nice to say, then don’t say anything at all.” choose to find the positive in every day.

I think we all need to strive to make better choices. Is there a time and a place for things you love? Yes, I think so because I enjoy them from time to time. I think sometimes we make so many excuses for ourselves because it’s easier to choose not to workout or prep food. I’m all about helping others, but if I guide you, you need to do your part and follow through to see the results. That’s just a fact.

I recently started helping someone with their nutrition and we implemented short 20-30 minute workouts in as well. I check in, she asks questions. She’s following my guidance and seeing results. That’s how it works! And the workouts are what she’s falling in love with because of the way she feels after.

As always, if you need anything, reach out. I really enjoy helping others live a more balanced, healthy life without sacrificing everything! I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, “balance is beautiful!”

Also, last week was one of those weeks where I feel like I couldn’t keep up with the girls attitudes or dinner options, where nothing sounded good. We all get stumped and have weeks that aren’t as good as others, but, that’s what the balance of life is all about. Here’s to a new week, shopping done for food this week, time to conquer it!

As always, thanks for reading!


My success is measured by how hard I work, your success is no different. On a previous podcast I talked about my own personal success on how the scale didn’t win. I’m at a higher weight than I was after both girls but a lower body percent fat. The scale isn’t always the winner and I’m here to tell you how that can be so mentally taxing. I wanted the scale to read 118-120 until I was stuck around 130 and then my monthly measurement check came up and low and behold, I reached a lower body percent fat at this weight than I did when I was lighter. You see, the scale isn’t always the biggest determination of our success. Lowest weight for me meant, less muscle, higher body percent fat. Travis said I could lose 2 more pounds and be at my ultimate weight! Guess what weight I reached yesterday morning on Halloween?!

Now, what are my goals, since the scale doesn’t need to go down for me anymore?

1. More toning, especially my mid section because I’ve carried three babies and I’m darn proud of those imperfections but it doesn’t hurt to keep working on ourselves.

2. Being consistent with my weight training and varying my workouts. You just might find me teaching group ex classes again! 👏🏼💪🏼😊 But I will never not use weights again.

3. Making sure I’m filling my body up with mostly healthy foods and ENOUGH. I can’t stress this enough, more muscle has proven to me that I need more calories, especially while breastfeeding Tucker. Fasting has allowed me to do 2-3 big meals so it’s less time consuming to meal prep and it’s working. And I’ve done a lot of research on fasting and breastfeeding and fasting has actually shown to have higher fat amounts in breast milk.

4. My other goals I haven’t quite committed to yet. I’ll let those out of the bag soon! 🤣 I’m going to run Grandma’s marathon again next year, hoping to get into the Bayshore half marathon in Traverse City in May.

5. Being the best version of myself for myself, my husband, my kids, my family, friends and clients. Positive vibes only is my mantra and I’ll be the first to say…if you’re feeling negative or down, try a workout, focus on the food you’re putting in your body and make yourself accountable to reach your goals. At the end of the day, you are ALWAYS in control. Need guidance? I’m always here for that!

As the end of the year is approaching(I can’t even believe I’m saying that) I looked at my stats for my blog for the year and it is amazing to see over 20,000 views! I do this because I love doing it and helping people. My greatest asset is living the healthy lifestyle and showing that it IS possible to reach those post partum goals or goals for any person. It’s not easy, but it’s so damn worth it!

I also am so excited to attach my website to order products online! Why TM Fitness? Because Travis supports me and M Fitness didn’t include my whole family. Because without Travis, Melodie, Mallorie, Makenzie and Tucker none of this would be possible.

As always, your love and support is so appreciated. 👏🏼✨💪🏼